PlayHUB Refugee Camp

PlayHUB is a space for the children and the young in a refugee camp: it supports their survival and cognitive abilities. Here HUB means learning, doing together, games and digital skills. Open data belongs to everyone in global world. Correct information reduces prejudice and connects different worlds.

There are estimated 20 million people in refugee camps, these camps are permanent homes for hundreds of thousands of people. It’s not irrelevant what kind of environmental impact these camps have. Ecological footprint can be reduced via architecture and building solutions. AGM wants to join Finnish businesses to participate and at the same time we are building a network for future reconstruction projects. Current partners in PlayHUB project include Ukiarkkitehdit Oy, CrossLam Kuhmo Oy, Timber Bros Oy, Design Reform Oy, Töölö Rotary Club, Raahe Rotary Club and Rotaract Helsinki.

Sponsor PlayHUB for your business – we will carry it out together with Finnish Rotaries!

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